Be a Mother

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington

How can you make a difference in your family? Take on the role of a true mother.

We all know what the Bible tells us as one of the Ten Commandments: "Honor your father and your mother" (Ex 20:12). So let's honor our mothers by being a mother, by expressing motherly characteristics.

Mother your parents, your siblings, your pets, your friends. If you happen to be a young mother, take some time to learn even more about true motherhood.

It doesn't matter if you're a girl or boy -- you can still express mothering qualities. Yep, you can!

Let's define what it means to be a true, real, exceptional mother so we know what motherly characteristics to express. This is only a partial list.

A mother:

  • Loves unconditionally
  • Prays daily for her children
  • Sees each child’s real, God-given identity – as God’s “image and likeness”
  • Rejoices in her children’s innate greatness, given by God
  • Tells her children truthfully how wonderful they are
  • Minimizes any faults or mistakes her children make and instead magnifies the good
  • Values her children and their unique contribution to the family and the world
  • Appreciates her children’s ideas and perspectives
  • Encourages her children
  • Listens without judgment in order to understand
  • Is there 24/7 for her children and spends time with her children
  • Supports her children in every way possible
  • Comforts her children
  • Nurtures each child’s individuality
  • Plays with her children – with lots of joy
  • Helps her children be responsible for their own choices
  • Goes the extra mile
  • Is aware of all the details
  • Helps her children learn, grow, understand, think, be independent
  • Keeps her children as safe as possible
  • Sets helpful and firm boundaries
  • Expresses patience and kindness
  • Teaches, instructs, guides with love and consistency
  • Sets an example
  • Follows through on her word
  • Keeps things neat and orderly
  • Prepares meals
  • Shares insights and inspiration
  • Let’s her children explore and discover things
  • Knows when to talk and when to keep silent and just listen
  • Speaks with compassion
  • Listens to her child’s heart
  • Is open to what her children have to tell her
  • Teaches her children what it means to be moral, living by example
  • Teaches her children to love God, especially by loving God and loving them and others

This is part of what it means to be a mother. Some moms do a fantastic job expressing these qualities. Others are still working on it. Regardless of what type of mom we have, we can bring these qualities of motherhood into our lives by expressing them – by living them.

We can honor our mothers by mothering them. As we do, we'll gain a clearer concept of motherhood, discover that these qualities are more abundant in our lives, and bless so many people – including ourselves.