Making a Difference — Change

Stopping Gossip

Hearing people gossip all the time can be so annoying! How can you put a stop to it?

Picking Persimmons

Feeling overly busy? Open up your schedule to someone in need—you'll be so glad you did! You'll put a smile on both your faces.

Commit Daily to Progress

Do you have 10 minutes to dedicate to improving your life? Challenge yourself to stay committed to growing each day.

Pray for Our Governments World-Wide

Be a gentle listener as you pray about leaders in governments around the world.

Speak with Love!

Think about what tone of voice you use as you speak, and discipline yourself to always communicate love and compassion.

Ready, set … SHINE!

Don't let laziness, peer pressure, competition keep us from doing our best. Paul tells us to get to work; no excuses.

Participate in the Resurrection

Resurrection—it's not just for Jesus.

Express Creativity

Get creative—leap over those mental blocks, with God's help.

Make 3 Days Criticism Free

Don't let criticism get under your skin—and challenge yourself not to criticize anyone.

September's School Survival Guide

Get your mindset right before starting any new endeavor—including a new school year.

Strive for Wisdom — Start "Wisdom Circles"

Consider forming a wisdom circle to further your spiritual growth.

Pray for the World — Write and Share a Psalm

Pray for the world, then write your own psalm and share it with others.

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Resolve to put God first every day. Now that a resolution that's worth keeping!