Making a Difference — School

Set the Highest Goal

What's your #1 goal for the school year? Is it the highest goal? How do we achieve it?

Surviving Group Projects

How to Survive Group Projects, a lesson from the Tower of Babel and the Day of Pentecost.

How to Take the Stress out of Tests

Take the stress out of tests. Pray. Tell God what you need.

Use Tech to Spread Good

Here are ways to use social media to appreciate and help others and stop the hurt.

Be an Influence for Good

Some might argue that doing the right thing all the time might be boring. But it's actually really fun! Learn how one Mom taught her kids to love to be good here.

Music's Power

Music can tangibly make you feel closer to your fellow man—and to God. It's a beautiful expression of the one Mind.

Handling Bullying

When you pray, sometimes God sends you some wacky-sounding ideas. Find out how a college student creatively resolved a problem with his roommate.

The Playground Good Samaritan

If you're just a kid, can the Good Samaritan story have any relevance to your life? You bet!