Making a Difference — Family

A No Screen Christmas

Do you have the courage, love to turn off the screens? It'll be the best gift you give yourself and others.

What's Really Important? The Big Fish

This Christmas what really matters is the Christ spirit—that absolute love that sees the good in others and refuses to get upset at the little things in life.

Caring for Others Can Change Lives: How One Young Man Was Freed from a Life in Gangs

Raised in fatherless, abusive home, the gang became a surrogate family for Mike Ritter. The care and love of teachers changed his life.

Feeling Dad's Presence, Even After He's Gone

What do you do when you lose someone you love? Find out here how one teen found a way to get over grief and get back to expressing God after her Dad passed away.

Be an Influence for Good

Some might argue that doing the right thing all the time might be boring. But it's actually really fun! Learn how one Mom taught her kids to love to be good here.

Be a Mother

Anyone can be a mother, in a way, because anyone can express the spiritual qualities of motherhood. What are these qualities?

Give the Best Gift

When considering what to give someone, don't just buy any old thing. Prayerfully consider it.

Honoring a Dad, Loving as the Golden Rule Commands

How can the Golden Rule apply to family relationships? Here's one important example.

Teen Listens to Angel Messenger and Forgives Abusive Mother

Don't wait around—forgive now and be free! Find out how one forgave her abusive mother—and was deeply blessed, too!

Let God and Parents Help

God is always with us, no matter what, and God gives us tools to get out of whatever situation we're facing.

Appreciate Family

Make sure you don't take your family for granted—parents and siblings are blessings to be grateful for!

Finding a Father Figure

Josh gives gratitude for his high school coaches, who express pure fatherhood.

Finding a Home for her Child

A birth mother finds the perfect home for her child—and everyone rejoices!

Time to Celebrate Fathers!

This Father's Day, how can you let your dad know you appreciate him in a meaningful way? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Time to Celebrate Mothers!

Focus in on loving your mom. Thoughtfully show your appreciation for all she has done for you. And if your relationship with her isn't doing that well right now, pray, pray, pray!

Write Thank You Letters

Take a few moments to sit down and write a thank you note. You'll be glad you did!

Put the Christ Back in Christmas

Selflessly help others and remember the Christ at Christmastime.

Persistence Brings Lasting Rewards

Don't give up! Be persistent when the going gets tough.

You Can Be a Peacemaker

Like Abraham, be a peacemaker!