Teen Listens to Angel Messenger and Forgives Abusive Mother 

By a 13 year-old teenager

The Story:
My mom and I have gone through everything, and our relationship has gone from totally destroyed to a work-in-progress. At one point, I never thought I could utter the three words, "I love you," to her because I hated her so much. I didn't care if she died or if I died. She beat me, but CPS didn't permanently remove me from her house because her beatings weren't severe enough. But now, I can finally say that I do love my mom.

There was one point in my life when things were actually good between us. After my second summer at camp, I came home to a different kind of disaster. My mom told me she had cancer, a tumor in her brain, and borderline diabetes. I was scared out of my mind.

This ruined the few times we were actually happy with one another. My mom told me that she had actually prayed about the situation and was at peace with whatever happened to her. She talked to me about who I would stay with if she died as if we were talking about the weather. I exceeded my breaking point. I hated her for being calm about leaving me when I have no other family. My mask of anger concealed the emotions I didn't want to face. I became a hideous person who was angry at everything.

One day after my mom and I had fought, I was balling. My friend came to comfort me. But she's blunt and doesn't care if she hurts my feelings if she thinks I need help because she's gone through so much more than I have that my life looks good in comparison to hers. So she told me: "You are going to go to your mom and hug her and say, 'I love you, and I am sorry.' It doesn't matter if she's wrong, and you and everyone around you know you're right. Even though my mom kicked me out and I was homeless, I still love her. I believe what it says in the Bible – to 'honor your mother and father,' not to honor your parents only when they're right, but just to honor them. So you're going to do what I'm asking. Please, just do it for me."

I argued by saying that I hated my mother, and she was wrong, and I didn't care if she was dead. But my friend said, "Even if you don't mean it, and you think badly of her, you have to trust me." So I did exactly what she said: I hugged my mom and said, "I love you, and am sorry." My mom broke down, saying she was scared and needed my support.

A week later, we got the test results indicating that my mom's tumor was very small and was controllable with medicine, so she'd live a long time. I was overjoyed because as many times as I've said I hate her, I still did love her.

The Lessons from Listening to the Angel:
I am a stubborn person with a tough shell because I've been broken inside. So I didn't hear God when He was yelling the answer I was praying for. Sometimes I think He sends us these angel messages through people we hold close in our hearts and care deeply for because those are the people who can actually get through to us. They can often help us see what's been there all along and open our minds to God's work. My friend carried the angel's message to me.

I know that everyone has his or her own family issues. But I've realized that we can't let the problems get to the point when death is at hand, when it's too late to make peace with a family member. Whenever we feel like we can't forgive someone, we can turn to Jesus. I always think of the crucifixion and how Jesus forgave those who killed him. If Jesus can forgive, so can I.

Everyone does have good inside. Sometimes it's hard to see the good in people because we're so blinded by how they've wronged us. But being mad at them won't make them better or us happier. But loving will. Love has the power to bless the whole world!

Through my experience with my mom, I've learned:

  • Don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • Start making peace with yourself now and start by forgiving yourself.
  • Don’t let yourself waste moments of happiness because you’re too busy being mad.
  • Live your life without regret.
  • Forgive as Jesus has and would!!!