Making a Difference — Friendship

Share the Christly Touch

What do we do when we see others, maybe the social outcasts, by themselves?

Go the Extra Mile

When others requires us to do something, what's our response? Can we go the extra mile?

A No Screen Christmas

Do you have the courage, love to turn off the screens? It'll be the best gift you give yourself and others.

Welcoming 2017 with Unity and Peace

Let's shift our focus to unity, peace, and gentleness to face issues and problems

Giving Gifts that Touch Lives

Need gift ideas? Here are gifts to give to yourself, your friends, and even to opponents or enemies, which can bring peace and healing.

Practice Appreciation. It Feels Good.

Appreciating others actually helps us feel better, too. Here's how to bring joy.

Giving Others a "Place to Be" - practicing the Golden Rule

Sarah Bell shares what she has learned about touching lives by living the Golden Rule.

Use Tech to Spread Good

Here are ways to use social media to appreciate and help others and stop the hurt.

Room to Give More — Finding New Friends, Inspiring Others

A woman's constant giving and loving attitude toward those around her is an inspiration.

Caring for Others Can Change Lives: How One Young Man Was Freed from a Life in Gangs

Raised in fatherless, abusive home, the gang became a surrogate family for Mike Ritter. The care and love of teachers changed his life.

Friends Matter

As we grow up, our peers tend to have more influence on us than our parents. So it's vitally important that we make good friends.

When Someone Needs Help, Be There

What is an important part of being a Christian? Giving! Check out this thoughtful list of how you can help others.

Reinvigorating Church

Let the Holy Spirit run loose in your church! Let go of preconceived notions and connect deeply with your fellow church members.

Telling Our Story Empowers Us and Others

Do you want to be free of the past? Hearing others share their experiences gives you the strength to move on.

Church Makes a Difference

How can church make a difference in your life? The community you gain there is invaluable in many ways.

Pray about Team Dynamics

Can prayer help when people aren't getting along well? Yes. Read how Adam prayed his way through grad school team projects.

Helping Others Blesses Us

When something gets lost—pray!

Give the Best Gift

When considering what to give someone, don't just buy any old thing. Prayerfully consider it.

Spreading Good Defeats Gossip

Deciding not to engage in gossip transforms an annoying situation.

Helping a Destitute Woman Start a New Life

Helping women who have AIDS proves to be an uplifting experience.

Overcoming Negative Peer Pressure

Dealing with peer pressure? Find out how to overcome it lovingly.

For Goodness Sake — Meeting a Community's Spiritual Needs

How can you support others on their spiritual journeys? One organization is doing it by offering a community space for learning and prayer.

See Friends — Not Habits! (My best friend ate erasers.)

How can you move from judgment to friendship? Kristen shows how it's done.

Be Yourself — Don't Worry about Popularity!

Have you ever tried to be popular? That can feel so contrived. Instead, simply express your God-given qualities, and be at peace.

The Golden Rule Defeats Gossip with Love

How can you apply the Golden Rule when people are gossiping? Allex fills you in.

Forgive! The Bible Helps Us

Why is forgiveness important? What are the benefits of forgiving?

Judge Not! See God's Child and Forgive!

Follow the Golden Rule in daily life by loving, not judging, others (and yourself!).

Stand Up for What's Right: You'll Always Be a Winner!

When people are being exclusive, be like Daniel—stand up for what's right, no matter what.

Do God's Will — Love!

Sometimes loving your neighbor is easier said than done. But it's God's will—and you can do it, with His help!

Write Thank You Letters

Take a few moments to sit down and write a thank you note. You'll be glad you did!

Stand Up for Yourself, as Job Did

How can you be a better friend?