Church Makes a Difference

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington and Adam Messer

When I asked our Guest, Adam Messer, what has made the most difference in his career, this is how he responded:

  • Being raised in Sunday school
  • Being active in a church community
  • Learning how to pray
  • Having an understanding of God as good and loving.

These foundations have given me the tools to address all the challenges that have come up in my career. Regardless of the problem -- whether it deals with relationships, finances, or work -- these tools handle it all.

I am so grateful to know how to look to the Bible to find the inspiration or insight I need to address the challenge and how to pray effectively. I've witnessed so many problems resolved through prayer.

Also, I've found a tremendous amount of support by being in a church community where I have peers around me who are thinking and wrestling with the same sorts of things I am. It's important to have people who can help you grow. Such support can come in a lot of ways, like through marriage and friendship. But the sense of community that you gain through church, where people encourage and support your growth, is invaluable.