Making a Difference — Love

Share the Christly Touch

What do we do when we see others, maybe the social outcasts, by themselves?

Be the Good Fruit

Can your attitude really make you successful in your work or friendships?

Walking the Path of Service

Nimo Patel is a hip-hop music artist and humanitarian who spends his time helping others-making a difference in their lives.

The Need to Be Noticed

Do we find ourselves doing things to be noticed? God already approves of us!

Go the Extra Mile

When others requires us to do something, what's our response? Can we go the extra mile?

Sticks and Stones ... And Words

Is it true that words (posts and tweets) can never hurt? What's the effect of angry posts or tweets?

Be Salt and Light

Will you be "the salt of the earth - the light of the world" today? How?

What can you do for your country, your world--together?

Let's move toward togetherness so we can work in unity.

Welcoming 2017 with Unity and Peace

Let's shift our focus to unity, peace, and gentleness to face issues and problems

Giving Gifts that Touch Lives

Need gift ideas? Here are gifts to give to yourself, your friends, and even to opponents or enemies, which can bring peace and healing.

Practice Appreciation. It Feels Good.

Appreciating others actually helps us feel better, too. Here's how to bring joy.

Set the Highest Goal

What's your #1 goal for the school year? Is it the highest goal? How do we achieve it?

The Sun Shines. We Love.

Can we be like the sun and shine love on everyone regardless of how they act?

Be Open. Don't Judge

Being open to cultural differences such as meal-time and restaurant norms, makes us more accepting, less judgmental.

A Horsemanship Program that Builds Character and Community

Nancy Humphrey Case's horsemanship programs build character, community, and changes lives through love

Service is Love Made Practical

Jesus' life shows the importance of serving others. Sarah Bell, former librarian in Sitka, AK, served her community with outreach programs.

Giving Others a "Place to Be" - practicing the Golden Rule

Sarah Bell shares what she has learned about touching lives by living the Golden Rule.

Listen Up!

What are we listening to? It makes a difference!

Room to Give More — Finding New Friends, Inspiring Others

A woman's constant giving and loving attitude toward those around her is an inspiration.

An Act of Kindness

At the end of three-month journey around Europe, Corey Fedde was on a bus, tired, hungry, negative, when a woman showed him great kindness.

Caring for Others Can Change Lives: How One Young Man Was Freed from a Life in Gangs

Raised in fatherless, abusive home, the gang became a surrogate family for Mike Ritter. The care and love of teachers changed his life.

What Can You Do For Others—A Focus on Giving

What can we do for others? Let's shift our focus from getting to giving.

See Friends — Not Habits! (My best friend ate erasers.)

How can you move from judgment to friendship? Kristen shows how it's done.

Judge Not! See God's Child and Forgive!

Follow the Golden Rule in daily life by loving, not judging, others (and yourself!).