Making a Difference — Humility

Be the Good Fruit

Can your attitude really make you successful in your work or friendships?

The Need to Be Noticed

Do we find ourselves doing things to be noticed? God already approves of us!

Welcoming 2017 with Unity and Peace

Let's shift our focus to unity, peace, and gentleness to face issues and problems

No-Limits — No Disabilities!

Are limits set in stone? Absolutely not! See how shifting to an attitude of positive expectation removes so-called limits.

Attitude is Everything

Do traffic jams drive you crazy? Consider a change of attitude—and actually have fun as you inch along!

The Impact of Moral Courage

What's moral courage? What are the benefits? Find out here.

What Does Jesus' Life Mean to You?

What does Jesus' life mean to you? Take a moment to deeply consider this important question.

Applying the Lord's Prayer to Car Racing and Life

Unpack the Lord's Prayer, line by line, with this thoughtful peace. Revitalize the way you think about it!

Let's Pray

What's more productive than worrying? Psst—it's also much more fun!

Impact of Education on Women in the United Arab Emirates

Don't shy away from challenges—embrace them, like these Middle Eastern women do.

Practice True Religion

What does it mean to be religious? Check out one teenager's take.

See Friends — Not Habits! (My best friend ate erasers.)

How can you move from judgment to friendship? Kristen shows how it's done.

Be Yourself — Don't Worry about Popularity!

Have you ever tried to be popular? That can feel so contrived. Instead, simply express your God-given qualities, and be at peace.

Seeing God Expressed…in Basketball Changed My Outlook on Life

Find out how a shift in Tiffany's thinking made her appreciate the opportunity to witness and be God's expression—no matter what she's up to!

Making Ethical Decisions

How do you know if you're doing the right thing? How can we tell which decision is the best one? Bud shares his insights.

Persevere with God

The story of Gideon inspires a teenager to persevere during a challenging football season.

Finding a Home for her Child

A birth mother finds the perfect home for her child—and everyone rejoices!

Inspiring the Spark Within

Just do your thing—you never know who's watching who will be inspired by your example!

Speak with Love!

Think about what tone of voice you use as you speak, and discipline yourself to always communicate love and compassion.

Ready, set … SHINE!

Don't let laziness, peer pressure, competition keep us from doing our best. Paul tells us to get to work; no excuses.

Including Others

Focus on seeing the worthiness of everyone, and be inclusive.

Participate in the Resurrection

Resurrection—it's not just for Jesus.

Step Out from the Crowd and Be Yourself

Give your life over to God—and be a rebel!

Make 3 Days Criticism Free

Don't let criticism get under your skin—and challenge yourself not to criticize anyone.

September's School Survival Guide

Get your mindset right before starting any new endeavor—including a new school year.

Like David, Daniel, and Jesus We Can Have the Courage to Stand Up for What's Right

How can you be more humble and courageous in your daily life?

Pay Attention to Joel and Amos

Open your heart to the Joel and Amos' wisdom.

Be Like Jabez — Pray Big and Expect Answers

What do you want? Like Jabez, humbly take it to God.

Like Samuel and Nathan, You Can Serve God and Help Others

Like Samuel and Nathan, you can listen to God and know just what to do—always.

Like Joshua, Trust God Whole-Heartedly

Be a God-inspired leader, like Joshua.

Forgiveness Takes Courage

Asking for forgiveness takes courage, but it brings amazing results!

Serve Others with Humility

Humbly make a difference in your community. Start now!