What Does Jesus' Life Mean to You?

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington

Jesus' life, his mission and purpose, and his impact on the world are at the forefront of Christian thought as we celebrate Easter, commemorating Jesus' resurrection.

What does Jesus' life mean to you? This is not an empty question. In the stillness of your heart, without any other influence, consider what Jesus' life was all about. Why did he make such a difference in the world? What exactly is that difference? 2000+ years and many Bible translations later, how does Jesus' life continue to make a difference in your life today?

For me, Jesus' life was all about love. He turned his community upside down with his new definition of love. To Jesus, love included:

  • Refusing to judge or condemn according to societal standards or appearances
  • Serving others, even if one's status was socially higher than another's
  • Loving everyone, including the outsiders – not just one's Jewish neighbor
  • Forgiving others infinitely Seeing others as God sees them – perfect and whole
  • Freeing people from limitations imposed either by oneself or by society
  • Laying down one's life for one's friends.

These are just a few ways Jesus loved and taught us to love. For his love, he was persecuted and crucified. Because of his love for others, he was able to endure the pain. He knew death wasn't the end. Through the love of God, he resurrected and then ascended, changing the world forever.

Jesus loved, and so he healed and taught. Jesus' message has travelled across the entire globe, and it means a little something different to each one of us.

As we prepare for Easter, let's do some real searching about the impact Jesus' life has had on our own. So let's ask the questions again:

  • What does Jesus' life mean to you?
  • How has Jesus made a difference in your life?
  • How can you take his message and make a difference in the lives of others?