Making a Difference — Identity

Can We Control the Weather?

What's your weather today?

Set the Highest Goal

What's your #1 goal for the school year? Is it the highest goal? How do we achieve it?

Time to Reflect and Choose

Jacob shares how disconnecting and taking alone time to reflect helps him make good choices.

Caring for Others Can Change Lives: How One Young Man Was Freed from a Life in Gangs

Raised in fatherless, abusive home, the gang became a surrogate family for Mike Ritter. The care and love of teachers changed his life.

Friends Matter

As we grow up, our peers tend to have more influence on us than our parents. So it's vitally important that we make good friends.

No-Limits — No Disabilities!

Are limits set in stone? Absolutely not! See how shifting to an attitude of positive expectation removes so-called limits.

Serving Others by Rehabilitating Horses

Why be happy? Because it's your (and everyone's) natural state! Find out how one woman uses this idea as she works with horses.

Let's Make an Effort

How can you be more satisfied with your life? Make sure it's God-centered!

The Impact of Moral Courage

What's moral courage? What are the benefits? Find out here.

Music's Power

Music can tangibly make you feel closer to your fellow man—and to God. It's a beautiful expression of the one Mind.

What Does Jesus' Life Mean to You?

What does Jesus' life mean to you? Take a moment to deeply consider this important question.

Prisoners Can Change and Become Successful Citizens. The SUMMIT program proves it.

Prisoners can change and become productive members of society. Just like each one of us, they just need someone to listen to them compassionately!

A Prayer that Leads to Love

Looking for love? Look no further than to God, who lovingly answers your prayers. Just ask Abraham's servant!

Using Our Talents

Feeling like you lack purpose? That you have nothing to contribute? Turn that around—God gives you special talents that you can use to bless others today.

Giving Prisoners the Opportunity to Nurture

While teaching prisoners how to nurture a garden, Mark learned that the opportunity to give can be transformative. Find out how he's working to improve prisoner's lives through gardening.

Nourish Yourself with Backyard Farms Hungry Mother Organics and F.O.C.U.S.

Check out how F.O.C.U.S., a non-profit organization, is impacting its community through organic farming and so much more!

Let the Bible into Your Life: How to Make Bible Study Meaningful

How can you truly feel connected to the Bible in a deep, personal way?

Be a Mother

Anyone can be a mother, in a way, because anyone can express the spiritual qualities of motherhood. What are these qualities?

A Rap Song Based on Paul's Letter to the Galatians

Yo, have you ever tried to rap about spiritual ideas? It's really fun! Ben gave it a try, and here's what he came up with.

Helping Others Blesses Us

When something gets lost—pray!

Impact of Education on Women in the United Arab Emirates

Don't shy away from challenges—embrace them, like these Middle Eastern women do.

Practice True Religion

What does it mean to be religious? Check out one teenager's take.

The Power of Light

What's the impact of a single ray of light? Does it affect everything around it?

Love's Real Valentine

Single? Attached? It doesn't matter, either way—you can always express Love!

Finding a Father Figure

Josh gives gratitude for his high school coaches, who express pure fatherhood.

Commit Daily to Progress

Do you have 10 minutes to dedicate to improving your life? Challenge yourself to stay committed to growing each day.

Have Confidence in God and Ourselves

Walk with confidence! It comes from God. Focus on giving, not receiving—it's much more fun!

Including Others

Focus on seeing the worthiness of everyone, and be inclusive.

Be Happy No Matter What — Do Everything with Joy!

Nothing can take away your joy—it comes from God!

Right Attitudes = Right Actions

Make a difference every day when you have the right attitude—it's infectious!

Express Creativity

Get creative—leap over those mental blocks, with God's help.

Like Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, Let's Write Our Own Recipes for Life

Listen up! Think about it—what are the key ingredients of your life?

Live the Golden Rule Daily by Loving Others

What's your #1 priority? How about LOVE?

Express Christmas Love — Love Yourself and Others

Start with genuinely loving yourself—then loving others!

How Can You Pray about Terrorism?

How can you pray about terrorism? Remember that God is always present—leaving no room for oppressors or victims.