Modern Day Psalms

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington

The Psalms are songs of praise and prayer that have made a difference in the lives of countless individuals through the millennia. This month, we have a special treat! Some 6th and 7th grade Sunday School students have allowed Psalms to inspire them and have written their own. They have applied what they have learned about Psalms -- about God, prayer, praise, and instruction -- to their own unique situations. They have either put existing psalms into their own words or have written original ones. Now, they are sharing their inspirations and creations, which in turn can make a difference in your lives.

My name is Yukari, and I am in 7th grade. I wrote this Psalm because my favorite sport is fencing, and I wanted to write about the time when I was losing by one point and was able to win after, thanks to God, my coach.

A Psalm of My Coach

The Lord is my Coach
I have all that I need
He provides me with support at hard times
He leads me toward victory
He gives me strength
He guides me with the right advice
Bringing honor to His name
Even when I fence against the toughest enemies
I will not be afraid or nervous
For You are close beside me

I am Nick Kenrick. I am in the seventh grade. I was inspired to write my own version of Psalm 23. I chose to write it about baseball because I like playing baseball. It is my favorite sport. I couldn't think of anything about my other favorite sport, golf.

Nick's version of Psalm 23

  1. The Lord is my coach, I will not let down.
  2. He supplies me with water after the game; He leads me down the home stretch.
  3. He helps me. He leads me through the basics and the rules of the game.
  4. Even though I walk up to the plate of the wild pitcher, I will fear nothing. I am being watched over and taken care of. My bat and my helmet, they comfort me.
  5. He gives me a strategy to follow. He fills me with plans and ideas. My fear is gone.
  6. My coach loves me and cares for me like a father, and I shall dwell in the dugout of the Lord, forever.

My name is Mike and I wrote my psalm almost entirely to be original. I know there were three ways I could write my psalm: prayer, instruction, and praise. Since the only one that I was feeling at the moment was praise, that's what I decided to do. Also since I didn't see any psalms of praise talking about our trust in God, I chose to write one about that.*

  1. The Lord is the master.
  2. He is the one and only; first and last, we can tell Him anything.
  3. Our trust shall not be taken advantage of.
  4. He, the heavenly Father, shall listen to our prayers and show us the way.
  5. This is the way of the Lord.
  6. Praise and glory be to God for His wondrous ways.

My name is Staci Johnson and I am in 7th grade. When I was younger, my mom would sing Psalm 139, verses 7-10, to me before I went to sleep. I decided to understand it better by writing it in my own words. I also got inspiration from my sister because she has a tough time in the deep end of the pool, and this psalm helps her know she is safe.

Staci's version of Psalm 139:7-10

  1.  Where should I go from the spirit? Or where should I run from the presence?
  2. When things are going great, God will be there. When life doesn't seem so great, He will be there.
  3. (verses 9-10) When I'm walking in the morning or hanging out in the deep end of the pool, God's hand will be there for me to hold onto, for He is always there.

Hi, my name is Sophie Biffar and I'm in the 6th grade. My inspiration for my psalm comes from Psalm 91.

Sophie's version of Psalm 91:

When I am inside God's walls, I feel safe. He protects me. Even if all other walls fall, I hold to the truth because God is my refuge. I live with the Lord in his fortress. The world is busy outside of its walls. My trust is in God, for He will guide me.

*Note: While Mike takes a unique perspective on trust in his psalm, there are several psalms that do deal with trust in the book of Psalms. You, along with Mike, may enjoy searching for them!

If you would like to write and send in your own psalms (revealing how God has made a difference in your life), we'd love to share them with others!