Using What She Learned – God's Law of Harmony is in Effect

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington

The insights we gain from our prayers and experiences are never restricted to that one moment of revelation or specific experience. Every time we see something new or deeper about God and our relationship to God, that insight becomes part of our identity. What a difference that can make in our lives! Inspiration from one situation can help us in a completely different situation. It's so important to use what we've learned.

Lori Doutrich shares how an experience with car problems helped her accept the right job in Tunis, Tunisia, where she and her family were living. She saw that God's law of harmony makes all the difference.


I had applied for a job at the school in Tunis, but there was nothing available. So I decided to stay at home and work on my French. At the last minute, a position opened, and it was offered to me. I realized that I wouldn't have time to do all the necessary preparation before the school year began, which worried me, so I prayed about it.

I had had an unusual incident occur a week before. I was with a group of friends, and we were taking a road trip to one of the tourist sites in Tunis. At one point, our car wouldn't start. We asked another tourist to help, and the car started. On our way back, we stopped at a fruit stand, and again the car wouldn't start. Three cars tried to start it, but failed.

Though we didn't talk about it, we all were praying that God's goodness was in effect. I wasn't praying for a specific answer—that our car had to start—but that God's goodness can be seen in many different ways. A tractor stopped by and tried to jump-start the car. After a few attempts, it started. We headed on our way, but as we drove, it felt like the car would stall at any moment. So I prayed, knowing that God's harmony is a law, and that God's goodness would follow us all the way home. Again, I wasn't asking for specific results. We got home and drove to the mechanics, and left the car there for the night.

What amazed me was that none of us had talked at all during the drive home. It had been a silent car ride. Afterwards, we discovered that we had all been praying for God's law of harmony to be evidenced.

I used this situation as I prayed about the teaching situation. I realized that I had fears about going back to teaching because I had had a bad experience with a similar school in the past. I was concerned that I wouldn't get along with the kids or parents. But I trusted that God's law of harmony is in effect – whether in a car, at home, or at school. It felt right to take the job. I knew God's goodness was going to guide me every step of the way.

The job ended up being an amazing experience, right up to the day we were evacuated from Tunis because of the violent attack on the US Embassy. The people I worked with, the parents, the kids, were all very special. God's law of harmony was crystal clear to me—just as it had been in the car.

We have so much good to share with the world that fear would try to hide or override. The more we understand God's law of harmony to be intact and universal and applicable to every situation, the more that goodness will be visible and felt—not just by ourselves, but by everyone around us. God's law of harmony makes all the difference!