Putting God First

Many inspirational Bible characters had one quality in common — they put God first in their lives. Enjoy learning about many of these brave and encouraging individuals and how they faced challenges in their own lives.

Kids and Sunday School Resources

Projects and Activities

  • Bible Character's Prayers - Draw the name of a Bible character, tell about them, and then write or say a prayer they might have prayed
  • David and Goliath - (young children) A measuring and comparing exercise that helps children undertand the size of Goliath
  • David and Goliath (LEGOs®) - Matthew tells the story of David and Goliath using LEGOs and PowerPoint
  • Help in Goal Setting - How do we put God first in our lives?
  • Hezekiah's Strengths and Weaknesses - Read facts about Hezekiah and select what you feel are the 10 most important parts of his life
  • Learning How to Pray - (3 to 5 year olds) Young children teach a doll or stuffed animal to pray
  • Psalm Writing - A Psalm is a prayer to God, telling Him about what's happening in your life.
  • Students Interview Esther - Dress up as Esther and let the students interview you to better understand the story. This activity includes interview questions you can print out for your students.
  • Trusting and Listening to God
  • Twenty Questions with Bible Characters - Students are given the name of a Bible character. They research the character at home. The next week they answer questions about that character while other students try to guess who they are.
  • A Video Story of Esther - Three 11-year-old girls wrote a script of a modern day reporter interviewing Esther and her husband, the King. They gathered information from the book of Esther, the Apocrypha version of Esther that includes her prayers, and other resource books on Esther and the customs in those days of King Ahasuerus, her husband.

Fun and Games

Read a Story

Three Hebrew Boys
Read Daniel 3

Read Daniel 6

Read Esther

Tower of Babel
Read Genesis 11

Read I Chronicles 4:9-10

Read I Kings 17-II Kings 2

Read I Kings 3

Read I Samuel 1-2

Read I Samuel 17-20

Read I Samuel 3

Read II Kings 18-20

Read II Kings 2-13

Read Job

Read Jonah

Read Ruth

Listen to a Story

Holy Land Tours

  • Below the City - King Hezekiah's tunnel, Jesus heals blind man, Jesus heals man at the pool of Bethesda
  • Meteora - The monks of Meteora put their faith in God above all else and save Christianity for themselves and the Greeks.

Adult and Teen Resources

Articles — Everyday Living

  • The Best Way to Fit In - Social media adds pressure for teens to fit in. Here are ways to help them fit in the right way. It applies to work, too.
  • Disaster Preparedness - Is your family prepared to evacuate in case disaster hits? Here's how to prepare a grab bag that includes spiritual necessities, too.
  • Live Worry-Free - How can we get rid of anxiety and stress when there's so much to worry about?
  • Our Plan or God's Plan? - How do we respond when plans don't go as planned? How can we be sure we won't miss valuable opportunities, even healings?
  • Turn the Other Cheek...Towards God - Is it practical to "turn the other cheek" these days? The answer may be surprising. It requires strength.
  • When There's No Human Help, There's God! - When we are beyond the help of others, do we surrender to death? Of course we don't! Surrendering to the mortal world and the idea of death will never help us; however, surrendering to God is guaranteed to help

Guests — Everyday Living

  • Christi Lupher (Part 1) - Christi Lupher, software engineer turned full-time mom-It's God who Does the Work, and It's Complete!
  • Christi Lupher (Part 2) - Christi Lupher, Software Engineer turned Full-Time Mom-Walking through the Wilderness: Trusting God to Supply All Needs
  • Immaculée Ilibagiza – Author and Speaker; Genocide Survivor - Immaculée Ilibagiza, survived the 1994 Rwandan genocide, living in a bathroom for 91 days in silence. Learn how she came to know God, found her prayers answered, discovered what it means to forgive, loves and forgives freely, and is sharing her story with others.
  • Jim Anderson - Opera Singer-A Blessed Life with Singing
  • John Lupher (Part 2) - John shares insights on creating successful partnerships, giving, overcoming limitations, working with bureaucracies.
  • Nimo Patel (Part 2) - Humanitartian, Hip-Hop Musician, Part 2 - Paying It Forward

Healing Messages — Everyday Living

Parenting — Everyday Living

  • The Essence of Summer - Summer reminds us to enjoy life, moment by moment, as we center our attention on God.
  • Isaiah 54:11-14 - Isaiah assures us that God keeps His Word - and that each of us can be at peace right where turmoil appears to be. The more we know "of" God, the more peace will reign and all sense of turmoil will fade away.
  • To Let — A Higher View - To "let go and let God" is an act of participation, not retreat. It's to get out of God's way all the while affirming that God is right here, operating, governing, adjusting, dissolving being God.

Book Reviews — Everyday Living

  • The Weigh Down Diet by Gwen Shamblin - What if you could '"lose weight, stay slim, and find a new you"? Would you do it? Get ready to be "filled and fulfilled" with The Weigh Down Diet. Gwen Shamblin's approach accentuates "God's power – not will-power."' When it comes to dieting, she says, "Man-made rules will not work."

Relationships — Teen Time

Identity — Teen Time

  • The Best Way to Fit In - How do you fit in at school? What if you don't try? Find out the possibilities.
  • A Safe Place - If we're ever in an unsafe situation, God can lift us out. And we can feel safe, especially when we listen.
  • When There's No Human Help, There's God! - When we are beyond the help of others, do we surrender to death? Of course we don't! Surrendering to the mortal world and the idea of death will never help us; however, surrendering to God is guaranteed to help.
  • Why Worry? - How do we overcome stress, anxiety, low-level fear?

Making a Difference — Teen Time

Questions & Answers — Teen Time