What Do You See? (A Response to Disaster)

By Marjorie Foerster Eddington

The news has been flooded with images of disasters recently—from hurricanes and floods to earthquakes and fires. And not all the disasters are “nature” related. There have also been shootings and terrorist attacks.

It’s easy to get fixated on these images. We can think that the world is falling apart, that disaster is around every corner. Or, we can choose to see something different. And in so doing, we can make a difference; we can rise stronger; we can bring peace and comfort. We can show that it is love that really lasts.

So what I really see …

  • I see people coming together.
  • I see a man saving 1500+ animals, some extinct in the wild, others endangered, while his own house burned.
  • I see firefighters from all over rushing to help evacuate people and stop the burning.
  • I see an entire school singing a song about being there for each other and having it recorded to send to those who have been affected by the fires in the west.
  • I see men pouring buckets of water on dangerously close flames, saving neighboring houses.
  • I see police stationing themselves nearby to help keep peace, order, and communication clear.
  • I see school children getting toys and clothes and food together to give to families who have lost theirs.
  • I see families opening their homes to friends, given them what they have.
  • I see people preparing meals and bringing blankets for those who need food and warmth.
  • I see fairgrounds being opened and volunteers charging up to help the evacuees.
  • I see first responders saving livestock from being drowned, floating them out if necessary.
  • I see people working together to figure out housing and schooling for the victims.
  • I see people singing together in stadiums at concerts to bring hope to others.
  • I see firefighters singing hymns as they walk back from battling fires or in preparation to face the fires.
  • I see people praying and turning to God.
  • I see creativity in regards to how to move forward.
  • I see community and cooperation.
  • I see hugs and comfort.
  • I see resilience and strength.
  • I see courage and persistence.
  • I see love in action.
  • I see God expressed in each other.
  • I see light.

What do you see? It can change the world.

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